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About Us

Exceptional brands, through leading-edge graphic design.

Based in Geelong

Branding & graphic design

We help you to achieve your dreams in business by creating beautiful, innovative design solutions that deliver you exceptional results.

We offer a range of services. From graphic design to corporate identity and brand strategy, our creative solutions are expertly crafted to enhance your company’s brand, ensuring it effectively communicates with your audience in a meaningful way.

If you are ready to materialise your vision and take your business to the next level­ come talk with us.

We get to know you

If you want an agency that really gets who you are as a business, how important your story is and how you can use your brand personality to shape the vision for your business – you are in the right place!

  • Building enduring relationships

    We believe in acting with integrity and honesty. We strive to build connections with our clients that last far beyond the initial brief and throughout the life stages of their business.

  • Think big and lead the way

    We are inquisitive, open to change and constantly evolving all in the name of better results for our clients. We consider all possibilities and outcomes and never miss a chance to improve and build upon a better way of delivering results.

  • Be exceptional

    We meet amazing people with wonderful ideas and help to bring these ideas to life. We do this by authentically capturing their brand story and presenting it in a beautifully packaged message, which engages with their clients.

D&CO Studio Rebranding