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Forbes Fava Financial Planners

Project outline

Brand Identity Design
Creative Direction
Strategy - Brand Naming
Print Design
Digital Design

The project

Forbes Fava Financial Planning is an amalgamation of two businesses and needed a rebrand to represent the change in their business. ⁠

They wanted their rebrand to maintain brand continuity by maintaining their existing brand colour of green.

The  green was revamped to be a brighter neon green to fit their brand personality of being progressive and innovative financial planners.

The sophisticated minimalist design underscores Forbes Fava’s capability to create simply effective financial solutions.

The F within their logo is a graphic interpretation of a folded bookmark to demonstrate their knowledge and experience in educating and delivering financial strategies. The pared-back graphic representation of a shield symbolises trust, protection and security, as these are the non-negotiable traits of a business that deals with personal finances.

Bold sans-serif typography further portrays strong guidance from Forbes Fava’s Financial services.

The use of brilliant green as the signature hue delivers existing brand continuity and is synonymous with growth, prosperity, freshness and progression.




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